Quartz Mountain Nature Park (QMNP) is a complete recreation destination. There is lake Altus-Lugert for boating, fishing or skiing. QMNP has mountains to hike or climb and sandy beaches to stroll. Metal detecting, ORV riding and Eagle watching are just a few of our specialized activities. Click on the Activities button above for more information.

• Please do not litter.
• Quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
• All pets must be caged or on a leash not to exceed 10 feet.
• All overnight camping is subject to fee.
• Park in designated areas only.
• Collecting firewood, nuts and berries, disturbing plants and animals or other natural features is strictly prohibited.
• It is unlawful to dump water, sewage, or effluent (gray water) from sink, upon or into the surface of the ground or water.
• Glass containers and alcohol are prohibited in swimming areas.
• Skateboard, rollerblade and scooter use is restricted to the paved bicycle trail.
• It is unlawful to drive ATVs anywhere but the designated ATV area.
• Fireworks are prohibited.

Contact Information:
(580) 563-2238
(580) 562-2763 Fax
Sue Hokanson, Park Manager